Lt. Gen. Gina M. Grosso, USAF (RET.)

Gina M. Grosso is a retired Air Force Lieutenant General, who served 32 years. She is currently serving as Assistant Secretary for Human Resources and Administration/Operations, Security and Preparedness. Her Air Force career earned her one of 45 3-star positions, and as of her retirement September 2018, she was one of four women Lieutenant Generals. Gina most recently served as the equivalent of the Air Force’s Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), with the title Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel, and Services. Appointed in 2015, the role touched 670,000 airmen and their families; led 3,500 department employees; and oversaw a $758M budget, with responsibility for all human capital functions: workforce planning, talent acquisition, development and utilization, evaluation, compensation, retention, and transition to civilian life. The scale and complexity of this assignment will bring an in depth understanding of both the human capital and business management agenda. Gina’s tenure can best be described as a period of historical change during which personnel policies and programs moved from industrial era personnel management to 21st century talent management practices. Examples of her vision and leadership include: opening all positions to women that were previously closed, fully integrating the Force for the first time in history; implementing the Blended Retirement System, the most significant change to the retirement system in 71 years that now provides every airman who serves more than three years a portable benefit; maternity and paternity leave; her congressional testimony led to sweeping changes in the Defense Officer Personnel Management Act that undid the up or out personnel system; a new officer performance management system—the first substantive change in 30 years; the first evidence-based sexual assault prevention program; and significantly increased (+300) childcare capacity and respite care funding ($250M) for families with special needs to boost Air Force Readiness. Gina earned an MBA from the College of William & Mary and a master’s degree in national security & strategic studies from the Naval Command and Staff College and a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in applied mathematics & industrial management from Carnegie-Mellon. She studied on a Fellowship at Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. Executive education also included Harvard’s Leadership Decision Making and CCL’s Leadership Development Program and entered the Air Force as a Reserve Officer Training Corps distinguished graduate.

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